Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)

Natural Resources Wales

This spatial dataset contains boundaries of designated Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) in Wales. The EC Habitats and Species Directive came into force in 1992 with the aim of conserving biodiversity by protecting a wide range of habitats and species of animals and plants. All SACs, together with Special Protection Areas (SPAs) designated under the EC Wild Birds Directive to protect rare and migratory species of birds, comprise a network of sites across the EU known as 'Natura 2000'. Most SACs in Wales were first proposed in the mid 1990s and were formally designated in 2004. SACs were originally mapped on paper but since around 2000 the boundary data have been captured digitally.The sites shown in this dataset are the SACs that have completed the full legal designation process.

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Web Map Service (WMS) WMS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wms/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_SAC)
Web Feature Service (WFS) WFS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wfs/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_SAC)