Glastir Woodland Creation: Opportunities Map


What is this on-line viewer for?

The on-line viewer provides a general guide to land managers, and aims to identify areas of Wales which are most suited to new woodland creation using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

A score for woodland creation is shown at a medium scale in green, highlighting the best opportunities at a strategic level for new woodland creation, which is based on data identified to best meet the requirements of Glastir - the Welsh Government’s sustainable land management scheme.

This green scoring layer has been created across all of Wales. However, sensitive areas (such as areas of deep peat, or scheduled ancient monuments) have been ‘erased’ from the scoring layer in order to identify areas which may need further consultation (there are likely to still be suitable woodland creation sites within these other areas).

Some areas of Wales are also covered by further information in the form of guidance layers. For example should red squirrels be present, or should the area be on open access land. Detailed further guidance can be found accompanying these layers.

This viewer should be used in conjunction with glastir woodland creation rules booklet