Active Travel Designated Localities (Wales)

Welsh Government

Spatial data for Active Travel Act (Wales) 2013 Designated Localities, as a result of Direction designating localities in relation to Active Travel routes.

The Welsh Ministers, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by section 2(4) and (5) of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 (“the Act”), make the following Direction:

Section 2(1) of the Act provides that for the purposes of the Act a route in a local authority’s area is an active travel route if:
a) the route is situated in a designated locality in the area;

Section 2(4) of the Act provides that, in the Act, “designated”, in relation to a locality, means specified, or of a description specified, in a direction given by the Welsh Ministers. Section 2(5) provides that the Welsh Ministers may, in particular, specify a locality, or description of a locality, by reference to:
a) density of the population,
b) size,
c) proximity to densely-populated localities above a particular size,
d) position between such localities,
e) proximity to community services and facilities,
f) potential for other reasons to be a locality, or a description of locality, in which more travel is undertaken by walkers and cyclists by active travel journeys.

Description Type Endpoint
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