Coastal Design - Extreme Sea Levels

Natural Resources Wales

The Coastal Design - Extreme Sea Levels dataset (2011) has been updated through a collaborative project between the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland and Natural Resources Wales.

The new data “ Coastal flood boundary conditions for the UK: update 2018” is owned by the Environment Agency and will be published on during late August 2019.

The update included

• applying new sea level science and improvements to statistical methods to update existing ESLs

• make use of nearly 10 years of additional observational data recorded at National Tide Gauge Network (NTGN) sites since the original study, supplementary data available at NTGN sites and gauge data provided by other organisations for non-NTGN sites

• extend the locations for which ESLs are provided to include Northern Ireland, Jersey, additional Scottish Islands and along priority tidal rivers and estuaries

During this transition period, the 2011 dataset has been removed and should no longer be used.  If you would like to access to the 2018 dataset and reports to support a flood risk assessment before publication please contact

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