Communities at Risk Register (CaRR)

Natural Resources Wales

The Communities at Risk Register (CaRR) has been developed to provide an objective means of identifying risk and prioritising flood risk management activities at a Wales-wide, community level. It applies a standard methodology across all flood sources to calculate a theoretical ‘danger score’ that allows comparative risks to be quantified and ranked (from High to Low).

The CaRR comprises a spreadsheet that identifies and ranks individual communities for,

1. a natural, ‘undefended’ scenario, and

2. a mitigated scenario (based on the presence of defences and flood warning).

It is complemented by a GIS layer which defines the individual Community polygons and is attributed with danger scores, community rankings and other metric information.

Further information is available in the metadata.

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Flooding Spatial data

Description Type Endpoint
Web Map Service (WMS) WMS (geonode:nrw_ash_lichens_alert)
Web Feature Service (WFS) WFS (geonode:nrw_ash_lichens_alert)

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