Woodland Dedications

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The Dedication Scheme (Basis I & II) was introduced in 1947 in order to encourage landowners to retain their land in forestry and to introduce good forestry practice. Basis III was introduced in 1974, providing grants for new planting and additional supplements for broadleaves. The Dedication Scheme was closed to new applicants in 1981. Land still under Dedication could continue to be within the scheme but Dedication would terminate on a change of ownership. Dedication schemes without a Plan of Operations and therefore receiving no grant, are deemed to be under Negative Covenant. Dataset Attributes: Descriptor : Dataset name Case_Name : Dedication Scheme name Case_No : Dedication Scheme reference number Basis : Basis number of scheme (I, II or III) Date_Appr : Date woodland became Dedicated PlanOfOps : Period of current (or last) Plan of Operations Covenant : Scheme in ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’ Covenant Grid_Ref : Grid Reference of property Agent_Name : Name of agent acting on behalf of owner Total_Area : Total area of scheme (* OL not always included) Man_Area : Total area of scheme under management.

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