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The Development Advice Map (DAM) shows areas at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea for the purposes of land-use planning. The DAM supports Planning Policy Wales and Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15 to guide new development away from areas at risk of flooding wherever possible. Together, they form a precautionary framework to guide planning decisions. The DAM should be considered as a trigger for identifying which development proposals may need to undertake a more detailed assessment of flooding risks and consequences in line with the policy advice set out in TAN15.

Zone C (the 1000yr extreme flood outline) was last updated in January 2020. No further updates are planned to the DAM and you are advised to contact Natural Resources Wales (NRW) about the availability of more up-to-date information.

Zone B (areas known to have flooded in the past) was originally published in 2004 and revised in 2017.

NRW has developed a new Flood Map for Planning (FMfP) which was published in September 2021. This indicates undefended flood extents over the next 100yrs taking into account the impacts of climate change. This will replace the DAM in June 2023. Although the Flood Map for Planning is not referred to in current planning policy, it can be considered as the most up to date information on flooding risks.

Due to technical Issues the Web Services and Map Browser for the Development Advice Map are currently not available. If you wish to browse the data see the NRW Flood Risk Viewer here.

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