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What is the online viewer for?

The online viewer is used to inform the public of permissive linear routes and area access which have been made available through Glastir.

Glastir Permissive Access awareness:

Glastir Contracts deliver environmental improvements for a range of objectives including the provision of new linear and area access.

Glastir Permissive Access routes are advertised on the Lle website to raise awareness of their location so that users can plan their route before starting the journey.

The Glastir Access Lle page also allows users to view other information, including; access information such as recreational routes and access land under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000). The Ordnance Survey base map enables users to link Glastir Access options with public rights of way and other accessible green and blue spaces.

Further information on Glastir can be found here:

Rights of way are liable to change and may not be clearly defined on the ground. Please check with the relevant local authority for the latest information.

Tips for viewing Glastir Paths / Areas:

   -   turn off the OS maps to find Glastir paths in your local vicinity.

   -   turn layer back on once you’ve homed in on the selected route.

   -   use cursor to pan / move map.

   -   click on selected path for information.

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June 2018