Priority Areas for District Heat Networks

Welsh Government

The draft National Development Framework (NDF) identifies 14 Priority Areas for District Heat Networks.

District Heat Networks are are a distribution system of pipes that takes heat from a central source and delivers it to a number of domestic or non-domestic buildings. This avoids the need for separate heat sources in individual buildings. The heat source might be a facility that provides a dedicated supply to the heat network, or heat recovered from industrial processes. The source of the heat can either be low carbon from the outset, or switched at a later date to decarbonise large areas of a town or city.

The draft NDF seeks to stimulate action on heat networks through the planning system in Wales by identifying Priority Areas for local planning authorities to carry out work to assess the opportunities for District Heat Networks. New large scale development should also, where feasible, seek to have a District Heat Network installed.

We have used data provided by the UK Government and used within the National Comprehensive Assessment of Heating and Cooling to plot the heat requirements of the majority of buildings within Wales. From this, using Geographic Information Systems, we have identified areas where there is a high demand for heat energy, concentrated in a small areas. These are areas with a heat density higher than 3 Megawatts per square kilometre. We have amalgamated this data to identify settlements in Wales where there is the most potential for viable district heat networks.

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28 March 2019

Description Type Endpoint
Heat Demand 50 m grid kWh WMS (inspire-wg:_ndf_heat_50_new)
Heat Demand 250 m grid kWh WMS (inspire-wg:_ndf_heat_250)
Heat Demand 500 m grid kWh WMS (inspire-wg:_ndf_heat_500)
Heat Demand 1 km grid kWh WMS (inspire-wg:_ndf_heat_1000)
Heat Demand 50m -> 1km grid stack kWh WMS (inspire-wg:_ndf_heat_stack)
Heat Demand - > 26,280,000 kWh WMS (inspire-wg:_ndf_heat_thresh)
Heat Demand - > 3MW/km2 per postcode WMS (inspire-wg:heat_output_above_threshold_by_postcode)
Heat Demand - MW/km2 per postcode unit WMS (inspire-wg:heat_output_by_postcode)