Predictive Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) Map 2 – Information

Welsh Government

The predictive ALC model for Wales is based on the principles of the Agricultural Land Classification System of England & Wales, the Revised Guidelines & Criteria for Grading the Quality of Agricultural Land (MAFF 1988).

Version 2 of the Predictive Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) Map represents the first significant update since its launch in 2017.

The Predictive ALC Map also allows users to view other predictive information, including ALC grades by individual limitation according to: climate, soil depth, droughtiness, rock outcrops, wind exposure, top soil stone, gradient, workability & wetness, and surveyor experience. It does not take account of agricultural flood criteria, frost or chemical limitations. Work is ongoing to refine the Map and develop national flood and frost information which are planned to be incorporated into the first update.

A definitive ALC grading can only be given following a detailed site asseement

Further information on Agricultural Land Classification can be found here.

19 December 2019

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