Remaining Landfill Void in Wales

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Permitted landfill operators have a condition in their permits to report the remaining landfill void (capacity) of their sites at the end of the calendar year. This information although used for compliance purposes is also used by the EC, Government, Local Authorities and other interested parties for statutory reporting and waste planning purposes. Data is provided in cubic metres and collated into a national dataset. There are only around 20 operational landfills in Wales. 
These estimations are based on the latest reported void space by operational landfills and may relate to previous estimations where the current years data is not available. Estimations provided by landfill operators have not been quality assured. Figures provided by landfill operators have been adjusted by NRW to account for loss of actual ‘waste disposal’ void through engineering and cover requirements (approximately 25%).

NRW has not produced landfill void estimates for all years. This dataset is a snapshot of the latest estimated capacity and has its limitations. We have most confidence in the 2018 dataset because the latest operator estimates have been adjusted to take into consideration loss of capacity owing to cover and engineering requirements. This improved methodology was not completed for previous annual estimates of remaining landfill void in Wales. It is planned to adopt this improved method for future updates.

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