River Wye catchment (Wales) species-rich grassland creation opportunity maps

Natural Resources Wales

A detailed GIS analysis of land use, Phase 1 habitats, National Vegetation Classification (NVC) community data, soils and designated sites for the River Wye catchment within the NRW mid-Wales operational area boundary was undertaken. The potential hydrological suitability of each soil type for species-rich floodplain vegetation was assessed usng HOST classes. A trial of GIS-based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis was undertaken to identify potential sites for restoration of species rich floodplain grassland within the Wye catchment.

Target NVC communities for restoration were selected (MG4, MG5, MG8 and M22-26) and criteria likely to affect restoration success identified. GIS vector datasets relevant to each criterion were then assembled or created, and assigned a suitability score. A weighted analysis was then undertaken for each of the target communities resulting in a series of maps, one for each plant community type, indicating areas potentially suitable for restoration.

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