Sensitive Areas – Eutrophic

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This dataset consists of 3 shapefiles showing the extent of Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (91/271/EEC) (UWWTD) sensitive areas (eutrophic). The UWWTD describes eutrophication as 'the enrichment of water by nutrients, especially compounds of nitrogen and/or phosphorous, causing an accelerated growth of algae and higher forms of plant life to produce an undesirable disturbance to the balance of organisms present in the water and to the quality of the water concerned'. The UWWTD regulates the collection and treatment of waste water from homes and from industry. In the UK, the Directive is implemented through the Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations 1994. Under these Regulations, water bodies that are (or may soon become) eutrophic should be designated as sensitive areas by Defra. This applies to still fresh waters, rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.

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