Shoreline Management Plan 2

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A Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is a large-scale assessment of the risks associated with coastal processes and helps reduce these risks to people and the developed, historic and natural environments. Coastal processes include tidal patterns, wave height, wave direction and the movement of beach and seabed materials. The SMPs set the strategic policy direction for coastal management and identify the most sustainable approaches to managing the risks to the coast in the short term (Epoch 1 0-20 years), medium term (Epoch 2 20-50 years) and long term (Epoch 3 50-100 years). A set of preferred policies are identified which are assigned to 'policy units' for each SMP epoch. A 'policy unit' (PU) is a length of shoreline where a separate shoreline management policy applies. PU's are defined by coastal areas that have similar characteristics in terms of coastal processes and assets at risk, that can be managed efficiently. Four policy options are available for SMPs:
- Hold the Line (HTL): an aspiration to build or maintain artificial defences so that the current position of the shoreline remains. This can involve maintaining or changing the standard of protection.
- Advance the Line (ATL): by building new defences on the seaward side of the original defences. This is rarely used and is limited to policy units where there is significant land reclamation is considered. There are no policy units in Wales assigned ATL.
- Managed Realignment (MR): by allowing the shoreline to move backwards or forwards naturally but managing the process to direct it in certain areas.
- No Active Intervention (NAI): where there is no planned investment in coastal defences or operations, regardless of whether or not an artificial defence has existed previously.

The coastal management approach for a certain section of coast may change from the status quo where a policy may no longer be practical or acceptable over 100 years. Therefore, a combination of policies may be proposed over the length of the SMP.

The dataset identifies which of the second-generation Shoreline Management Plans are applicable to a particular stretch of the Welsh coastline and the policies assigned to policy units related to that particular area. This dataset is a polyline, spatial data layer for the Welsh coast only.

INFORMATION WARNING: Users should refer to the SMP2 documents for the definitive policies, if any errors are identified following the publication of this edited data layer in January 2019 please contact

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