Flood Defences with standardised attributes

Natural Resources Wales

This dataset shows flood defences protecting against river floods with a 1 percent (1 in 100) chance of happening each year, or sea floods with a 0.5 per cent (1 in 200) chance of happening each year, together with some, but not all, defences which protect against smaller floods. Flood defences that are not yet shown, and the areas that benefit from them, will be gradually added.

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21 January 2019

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Flooding Spatial data

Description Type Endpoint
Web Map Service (WMS) WMS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wms/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_SPATIAL_FLOOD_DEFENCES_WITH_ATTRIBUTES)
Web Feature Service (WFS) WFS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wfs/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_SPATIAL_FLOOD_DEFENCES_WITH_ATTRIBUTES)