Wales Construction and Demolition Waste Arising Surveys

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The purpose of the study was to provide information on the types, quantities, origins (by Construction and Demolition sector and geographic region), and fate (management method) of Construction and Demolition (C&D) wastes generated by businesses and the public sector in Wales in 2019. This is a stand-alone survey and supersedes the data from the last survey for the 2012 calendar year. This information is required for a variety of reasons.

The precision for the total waste generated in Wales was +/- 16.7% at 90% confidence.

Results from all surveys are subject to limitations with respect to the quality of estimates produced. Whilst these limitations do not alter the results or the statistical data, they should be borne in mind by users of the data.

Data was collected from a representative sample of 508 business sites of differing sectors and sizes throughout Wales between April 2021 and September 2021. The data was grossed up using Office for National Statistics (ONS) business site population data to regional and national level in Wales.

The methodology used for development of the sample matrix and subsequent grossing of the survey results was based on previous Wales C&D surveys to ensure comparability of results. The design of the sample matrix itself was changed slightly from that applied in 2012, with the consolidation of General Building subsectors into a single sector.

The sample matrix defined how many business sites needed to be reached for each brick. It was reviewed part way through the survey to incorporate inconsistencies in company size or sector that were identified in the original Office of National Statistics (ONS) dataset during recruitment, in order to reflect actual business recruitment rates within bricks.

Information on waste management in the report is generally reliable but the accuracy of the results is limited to information available to surveyed producers on the final destinations of their waste. The accuracy is limited owing to the complexities of waste management routes and difficulties linking final fate back to source.

Further information, including on the survey confidence, is contained in the published survey report. The detailed survey technical appendices are also available on request.

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