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Flood Alert Areas are geographical areas where it is possible for flooding to occur from rivers or the sea. A single Flood Alert Area may cover the floodplain within the Flood Warning Service Limit of multiple catchments of similar characteristics containing a number of Flood Warning Areas. A Flood Alert Area may also match that of a corresponding Flood Warning Area and warn for the possibility of flooding in that area. In some coastal locations a Flood Alert may be issued for spray or overtopping and be defined by a stretch of coastline. Practical and administrative factors may also influence the exact extent of a Flood Alert Area.

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Web Map Service (WMS) WMS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wms/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_FLOOD_WATCH_AREAS)
Web Feature Service (WFS) WFS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wfs/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_FLOOD_WATCH_AREAS)