Water Framework Directive (WFD) Surface Water Transfer waterbodies Cycle 2

Natural Resources Wales

This dataset is a GIS layer identifying the Surface Water Transfer (SWT) waterbodies managed under the Water Framework Directive and any related programmes. This includes SWT which are reported to Europe as artificial rivers. These waterbodies are represented by their centreline, and can be linked to other WFD data using the unique water body ID (WB_ID). WFD River, canal and SWT Waterbodies Cycle 2, is a subset extracted from the Natural Resources Wales Detailed River Network, with attributes removed and merged on the WB_ID.

This is an update of WFD artificial waterbodies Cycle 1. This dataset is updated every 6 years.

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Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved. Contains Ordnance Survey Data. Ordnance Survey Licence number 100019741. Crown Copyright and Database Right.

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Description Type Endpoint
Web Map Service (WMS) WMS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wms/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_WFD_SURFACE_WATER_C2_LIVE)
Web Feature Service (WFS) WFS http://lle.gov.wales/services/wfs/nrw (inspire-nrw:NRW_WFD_SURFACE_WATER_C2_LIVE)