World Heritage Sites in Wales


1.1 Background

World Heritage Sites are places that the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has inscribed on a list of international sites because of their outstanding universal value, the importance of which is so great as to transcend national boundaries.

Wales currently has four world heritage sites – the Castles and Town Walls of Edward I at Caernarfon, Conwy, Beaumaris and Harlech in north-west Wales; The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales; Blaenavon Industrial Landscape in south-east Wales; and Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal in north-east Wales.

1.2 Frequency of Update

Although the process to inscribe World Heritage Sites is ongoing, the process is lengthy and can take a number of years to complete, however to avoid re-using old data, users should periodically obtain the latest version from Lle.

1.3 Depiction

The depiction of a World Heritage Site can comprise a number of components including: -

  • The World Heritage Site

  • Essential Settings

  • Arcs of View

  • Significant Views

Further information regarding these components can be found on the Historic Environment Service (Cadw) website.

Each official record of a World Heritage Site contains a map. The map here has been translated from the official published inscription map and is believed to be an accurate depiction. Copies of the original inscription maps can be viewed on the UNESCO world heritage convention website.

This dataset has been subject to a Positional Accuracy Improvement programme.

1.4 Use of Data

There are no use restrictions on this GIS data. Recipients may re-use, reproduce, disseminate this data free of charge in any format or medium, provided they do so accurately, acknowledging both the source and copyright as specified (see below), and do not use it in a misleading context. It is the recipient's responsibility to ensure the data is fit for the intended purpose, that dissemination or publishing does not result in duplication, and that it is fairly interpreted. Advice on interpretation should be sought where required. This data is periodically checked, however, if you wish to discuss the dataset, please contact Historic Environment Service (Cadw).

When using the above data under the Open Government Licence, please include the following attribution statement: -

Designated Historic Asset GIS Data, The Welsh Historic Environment Service (Cadw), DATE [the date that you received the data from Cadw], licensed under the Open Government Licence

1.5 Other Information

The Designation description is available online via Cof Cymru – National Historic Assets of Wales

5.6 General Advice

All planning enquiries that may effect a World Heritage Site, its setting or significant view should be directed to Cadw. Applicants are also advised to seek pre-planning advice early in the planning process in order to address issues that could potentially arise at a later date.

28 July 2021

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Heritage Spatial data

Description Type Endpoint
WHS - Site Boundary WMS (inspire-wg:vGeoServer_WorldHeritageSites_Public)
WHS - Significant Views WMS (inspire-wg:cadw_whs_significant_view)
WHS - Arcs of View WMS (inspire-wg:cadw_whs_arcs_of_view)
WHS - Essential Settings WMS (inspire-wg:cadw_whs_essential_setting)
WHS - Site Boundary (WFS) WFS (inspire-wg:vGeoServer_WorldHeritageSites_Public)
WHS - Significant Views (WFS) WFS (inspire-wg:cadw_whs_significant_view)
WHS - Arcs of View (WFS) WFS (inspire-wg:cadw_whs_arcs_of_view)
WHS - Essential Settings (WFS) WFS (inspire-wg:cadw_whs_essential_setting)

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WHS - Site Boundary (WFS) GeoJSON
WHS - Site Boundary (WFS) GML
WHS - Site Boundary (WFS) KML
WHS - Site Boundary (WFS) Shapefile
WHS - Significant Views (WFS) GeoJSON
WHS - Significant Views (WFS) GML
WHS - Significant Views (WFS) KML
WHS - Significant Views (WFS) Shapefile
WHS - Arcs of View (WFS) GeoJSON
WHS - Arcs of View (WFS) GML
WHS - Arcs of View (WFS) KML
WHS - Arcs of View (WFS) Shapefile
WHS - Essential Settings (WFS) GeoJSON
WHS - Essential Settings (WFS) GML
WHS - Essential Settings (WFS) KML
WHS - Essential Settings (WFS) Shapefile