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Wales Marine Planning Portal

Wales Marine Planning Portal


The marine planning portal for Wales allows anyone to view maps online showing the distribution of human activities and natural resources in Welsh seas. The portal is an interactive planning tool that is intended to support the marine planning process by:

We will be adding new layers and refreshing existing data layers with time as our evidence base develops.

Some features may not be available when using Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use another browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Data displayed on the Marine Planning Portal will usually merit further interpretation in a spatial, temporal or other context and should not routinely be taken at face value. Information in the iNotes alongside each data set is intended to support such further interpretation. Welsh Government cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in data provided by organisations other than Welsh Government. Datasets are not to be used for navigation. The information on the website does not constitute legal or professional advice or show legal practice for which the appropriate legislation should be directly referenced.

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v4.4 Updates to this version (10/03/2021):