Active Travel Approved Routes

Welsh Government

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 places duties on local authorities and the Welsh Government with the aim to improve infrastructure and significantly increase levels of walking and cycling in Wales. The duties include that existing active travel routes must be mapped all places that have been specified (currently 142 ‘designated localities’) and that integrated network plans must be prepared for these places.

All approved existing active travel infrastructure in the designated localities – the ‘Existing Routes Map’ – can be found here. The maps includes routes that have achieved the statutory Design Guidance standards plus a handful of those that fall just below but are deemed important enough by the local authority to be included. Any routes that have not reached the standards are accompanied by a statement that explains their limitation(s).

Each local authority is required to submit an Integrated Network Map – which shows their aspirational network of routes in their region in the next 15 years – to Welsh Ministers for consideration by 3 November 2017.

These aspirational routes, once approved, will be available here.

Further details on the Act, its implementation and the Design Standards can be found here.

31 December 2016


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