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The Development Advice Map (DAM) shows areas at risk of flooding for the purposes of land-use planning. The DAM should be used alongside Planning Policy Wales and Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15 to guide new development away from areas at risk of flooding wherever possible. Together, they form a precautionary framework to guide planning decisions. The maps shown here are not designed for small-scale investigation beyond 1:25,000 and should be considered as a trigger for following policy advice in TAN15.

The maps are based on Natural Resources Wales extreme flood outlines (Zone C) and the British Geological Survey 10k Superficial Geology data (Zone B).

From March 2017 Zone C is updated quarterly to align with NRWs extreme flood outline updates. Zone B data was originally published in 2004, and revised in 2017.

Please note the preview defaults to Zone B only. Use legend control to switch on other zones.

Due to technical Issues the Web Services and Map Browser for the Development Advice Map are currently not available. If you wish to browse the data see the NRW Flood Risk Viewer here.

Attribution Statement 

Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved. Derived in part from 1:50,000 scale BGS Digital Data under Licence Number 2013/062. British Geological society. ©NERC

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