Health Services

Welsh Government

A list of Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Dental Practices, Opticians and Pharmacies

20 October 2017

Description Type Endpoint
Doctor's Surgeries WMS (inspire-wg:gp_surgeries_2018)
Doctor's Sub Branches WMS (inspire-wg:gp_surgeries_subbranch_2018)
Dentists WMS (inspire-wg:dentists)
Opticians WMS (inspire-wg:opticians)
Pharmacies WMS (inspire-wg:pharmacies)
Doctor's Surgeries WFS (inspire-wg:gp_surgeries_2018)
Doctor's Sub Branches WFS (inspire-wg:gp_surgeries_subbranch_2018)
Dentists WFS (inspire-wg:dentists)
Opticians WFS (inspire-wg:opticians)
Pharmacies WFS (inspire-wg:pharmacies)
Hospitals WMS (inspire-wg:Hospitals)
Hospitals WFS (inspire-wg:Hospitals)

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Description Format Download Link
Doctor's Surgeries GeoJSON
Doctor's Surgeries GML
Doctor's Surgeries KML
Doctor's Surgeries Shapefile
Doctor's Sub Branches GeoJSON
Doctor's Sub Branches GML
Doctor's Sub Branches KML
Doctor's Sub Branches Shapefile
Dentists GeoJSON
Dentists GML
Dentists KML
Dentists Shapefile
Opticians GeoJSON
Opticians GML
Opticians KML
Opticians Shapefile
Pharmacies GeoJSON
Pharmacies GML
Pharmacies KML
Pharmacies Shapefile
Hospitals GeoJSON
Hospitals GML
Hospitals KML
Hospitals Shapefile