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LandMap is a unique national information system, allowing information about landscape in Wales to be collected and organised into a nationally consistent dataset. The LandMap data includes both objective and subjective information and is designed to enable landscape quality to be taken into account in decision making. This is a geographic dataset showing geological landscape classification for Wales in the form of polygons (Aspect Areas) with large amounts of associated textual information, including General, Description, Evaluation, Recommendations, Tolerance to Change, Area Boundary, Evaluation and Bibliography. Information is gathered by LandMap in order to inform sustainable decision making and to enable landscape to be taken into account during decision making processes. The Geological Landscape dataset is important as geology is often the strongest influence on the landscape, affecting drainage patterns, vegetation cover, the human environment and so on. These effects in turn determine the possibilities for agriculture, water sources, transport networks etc. 2003 to 2008 then updated at regular intervals. This dataset maps geological, geomorphological and hydrological features of an area. The geographical and topographical characters of areas are noted as are significant active geological and geomorphological processes, and landscape- forming pedological processes.

Though the download caches are refreshed periodically and should be in sync with the web service, if a guarantee the live data is being consumed is needed the WFS or WMS endpoint should be used.

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