Shoreline Management Plan & Coastal Erosion

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The datasets shows the spatial coastal baseline which is split into ‘frontages’. These are defined as lengths of coast with consistent characteristics based on the cliff behaviour characteristics and the defence characteristics. It is intended as a benchmark dataset showing erosion extents and rates for three periods:

  • Short Term (0 – 20yr);
  • Medium Term (20 – 50yr); and
  • Long Term (50 – 100yr).

Defence type and SMP policies for each of the three periods described above are included. Where this data is used the following information warnings must be passed on with the data.

The data and associated information is intended for guidance - it cannot provide details for individual properties. The information considers the predominant risk at the coast, although flooding and erosion processes are often linked, and data on erosion of foreshore features are, in general, not included.

The data describes the upper and lower estimates of erosion risk at a particular location, within which the actual location of the coastline is expected to lie. The data does not estimate the absolute location of the future coastline.  Details of geologically complex areas, known as "complex cliffs" are, in general, not included within the dataset due to the inherent uncertainties associated with predicting the timing and extent of erosion at these locations.

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