WWNP Riparian Woodland Potential - Wales

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Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) Riparian Woodland Potential is our best estimate of locations where tree planting may be possible on smaller floodplains close to flow pathways, and effective to attenuate flooding. The dataset is designed to support signposting of riparian areas not already wooded. The dataset is based upon a 50m buffer of available OS Open Data river networks. A set of open access constraints data was used to erase areas which contained existing woodland, watercourses, peat, roads, rail and urban locations.

The information provided is largely based on open data, and is indicative rather than specific. Locations identified may have more recent building or land use than available data indicates. It is important to note that land ownership and change to flood risk have not been considered, and it may be necessary to model the impacts of significant planting.

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