Welsh National Marine Plan Area

Welsh Government

The Welsh National Marine Plan Area comprises the inshore and offshore marine planning regions. The inshore region runs from the mean high water spring tides to 12 nautical miles (12 nm) UK limit of territorial sea, and the offshore region from 12nm UK limit of territorial sea to the limit of the Welsh zone. The marine plan authority (Welsh Government) is responsible for preparing marine plans for Wales.

Mean high water spring tides (MHWS) are not defined. The current OS based map may be used as a general guide and shows Normal Tidal Limits (NTL). MHWS will extend further shoreward than this depending upon the gradation of the land. In the case of marine licence applications, the marine licensing team ask applicants to provide evidence if the exact line is in question; signposting general ordnance datum in relation to tidal predictions at UK ports. https://www.ntslf.org/tides/predictions

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